Wednesday, October 16, 2013

goal setting.

i'm a health nut.  actually i should say that i'm an aspiring health nut.  i say this because i believe there is no such thing as perfect and for someone to be, let's say the healthiest person in the world, is unrealistic because what is healthy for them might not be the healthiest way of life for someone else and vice versa.  

for example, a professional athlete's health needs and goals are probably extremely different from a single mother of three who is working full-time.  a college student's healthy habits might not match those of a marathon runner's.

there are some things that healthy people have in common, however.

1.  they eat whole foods.
2.  they live an active lifestyle.
3.  they manage stress well.
4.  they surround themselves with other happy people
5.  they work at a job they enjoy.
6.  they consistently work on building their self confidence.
7.  they make fitness a priority
8.  they set goals.
9.  they do everything in moderation.
10.  they allow themselves to rest.

i would like to talk about number eight.  since writing (this) post and completely rearranging my outlook on diet and exercise, i've been trying to figure out a way that i can incorporate a solid goal to work towards through the fall and winter while also finding balance between giving my body what it needs and the occasional treats that it wants.  i've been reading a book (more to come on this) that has broken down nutrition and healthy eating in a very simple way and i've also been seeing how different people are restoring their metabolisms (find one here) at a variety of ages.  what i'm finding is that it's NEVER TOO LATE.  it's never too late to start being healthy, adding a little movement into your days, and adding some nutritious foods to your diet (without having to give up the yummy fall foods you love).  i'm learning now that the way i used to overwork my body in every workout and sometimes do it twice a day was probably about as unhealthy as it gets.  i'm also learning that food is good and eating a healthy amount of it is even better.  i'm saying good bye to my 1200 calorie a day diets and i'm getting over the fact that just because i didn't work out first thing (or even at all for that matter), my day will not be ruined.  in fact i'm finding that mixing up my workouts from morning to evening has felt awesome!  and a little chocolate every night has felt even more awesome!  

while my health is my strongest value, the way i had been searching for it for so long was truly not improving it what so ever.  and now that i'm learning that being healthy is far more simple than skipping meals and feeling miserable, i just want everyone i know to feel as healthy as i have lately.  i got rid of my scale, i eat lots of lean meats, and i compliment them with leafy greens and a little dark chocolate for dessert.  i have breakfast before i workout (which never used to be the case), i look forward to healthy soups at lunch, and there is nothing like having a grain belt premium with my husband after work.  i.feel.awesome.

enough about me.  back to wanting to share it with everyone i know...

my family started a little tradition where we rotate houses every monday night for dinner.  it's become one of my favorite nights of the week.  nick and i hosted a couple weeks ago, last monday was at my brother's and his girlfriend's, and the following will be at my parents.  on monday night i decided to bring a little fitness challenge to the table for all of them.  i would like to introduce you to:

112 miles before Christmas.  as individuals, the six of us as individuals are trying to walk/jog/run/elliptical 112 miles each before Christmas day.   while walking and running will count mile for mile, you must elliptical at least 4 miles in order for it to count as one mile and you can also earn 3 miles by attending a group fitness class.  i'm excited to see how it goes as i think it's a good way to keep us all on the fitness wagon as the weather continues to get colder.  and the best part is...there is no reward other than a healthier family at Christmas and for me, there is absolutely nothing more happy than that!

as far as my individual goals go, i've been working on the following...

1.  Half Marathon Training Plan - thank you Claire for the training plan guide!

2.  Keeping myself at peace.

3.  Autumn walks. 

4.  Job applications
5.  My practice. 

and that's all for now.  i wish you a happy wednesday full of big dreams and searching deep within yourself for the desires of your heart.  don't ever let your fire burn out.

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  1. I love these goals! I really love the tradition you have begun with your family! I really wish my family was close enough to do that with!!