Monday, September 16, 2013

back at it.

i'm home, i feel completely rejuvenated. and i'm ready for a fresh start.  there is no more wedding to plan, no more people to contact (besides thank you cards of course), and no more decisions to make weeeohh i am so thankful!  

after a wonderful honeymoon and forgetting about all of the wedding and other stress in my life, it feels great to be back home and ready to really go after it!  by this i mean it's time to buckle down and find a full time job and really start focusing on my health, my eating, and a new fitness plan.  i've always made my health a top priority but after a honeymoon filled with desserts, fruity drinks, and yummy food, my body needs a total clean up!  i don't like to use the term 'cleanse' because i don't necessarily believe in them and i think some cleanses actually do more harm to your body than good.  if you have, however, tried a cleanse that you love i would love to hear about it!  i'm using the phrase "clean up" because that is exactly what i plan on doing.  i'm going to clean up my eating, change up my fitness routine, and clean up my mindset on any past thoughts i've had about not being able to get where i want to be.  

nick and i talked about it on our honeymoon and he is going to join me.  his support completely motivates me and by him committing to this shows me how much he truly cares.  he is definitely not a health nut like me but he's going to give up pop and workout with me (more than just our saturday morning bike rides) through this process and when he told me this my heart about melted.  he builds houses and works extremely long days so by him committing to a fitness plan with me takes a lot of heart and commitment.

maybe you would like to join me as well!

 “Patience child, patience. Remember, life is a journey. If you got everything you wanted all at once there’d be no point to living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end you’ll see these “setbacks” as giant leaps forward, only you couldn’t see the bigger picture in the moment. Remain calm, all is within reach; all you have to do is show up every day, stay true to your path and you’ll surely find the treasure that you seek.” ~ Jackson Kiddard

here are my goals.  for 30 days i'm going to:
  • eat extremely clean.  no refined sugars, no processed foods, no meat, and no alcohol.  i'm even going as far as giving up peanut butter so that i can motivate myself to branch out a little bit when it comes to meals and snacks.  too often i find myself making toast with pb and banana, having an apple with peanut butter or basically anything i can find that will mix well with it, and i'm just so tired of it blehh.  i'm also going to give up adding anything to my coffee (cream, splenda, etc.), which are usually made with corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils (harmful trans fats).
  • focus focus focus during my workouts.  i'm going to keep doing cardio 3-4 days a week.  strength train 2 times per week and do yoga once or twice as well.  not just 15 minutes of it here and there but really digging in for 45-60 minutes to improve my strength, my flexibility, and my mind.
  • through out these 30 days, my main goal is to rid my body of toxins both physically and mentally.  everybody needs a fresh start sometimes and i figure since i have a new last name now, why not start now?  this isn't about losing weight or dieting.  it's about truly listening to my body, eating intuitively, writing down goals and following through with them, and easing my mind into a whole new lifestyle.  after the 30 days is up i will continue to set goals and follow the program, but i will be more open to allowing myself treats and not caring if i miss a workout or two.  but as far as the first 30 days go, it will be pure discipline.
i'm so excited.  i'm so so excited!  i want to breathe in every moment during this time because it's a time of change.  embracing change is one thing i've learned to accept and when you know it's going to better yourself in the long run the hard days (cardio and cravings) wont seem as tough.  rather than focusing on appearances and perfecting every single thing we do, it is important that we focus on our dreams, commit ourselves to what is important in our lives, and bringing real value into them each and every moment, and that is what i would like these next 30 days to be for me.

i apologize if my blog turns into a complete exercise, nutrition, and health home for the next 30 days, but blogging about this will help keep me motivated and keep my priorities in line.  (i'm also a little excited to take pictures of nick doing this with me as well...him on a cardio machine is just too funny for me and my camera to pass up).  i'll try to make sure to write in some other good stuff as well! 

i hope you set goals today.  high goals, almost unattainable goals, and ones that put that happy little heart of yours to work.  and with it, every part of it, i hope you find joy!


  1. I love making new goals! I am sure you are going to rock out this 'clean up'! I am trying to clean up my diet/fitness right now too....hopefully we can keep each other accountable!

  2. Awesome, good for you! And yes, I love accountability!

  3. Wow! Good for you! How will you go that long with out any meat? I try to make 2-3 dinners a week without meat but I am not creative enough to come up with that many meatless recipes! I am a new follower and can't wait to see how this 30 day cleanse goes for you! Good luck!
    Check out my blog if you get a chance, I try to post some delicious healthy recipes every once in a while :)

  4. welcome! and I just checked out your blog, love it. I eat a lot of soups, vegetarian chilies, and beans and rice! I'm a big fan of Greek yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese too so I try to get a lot of protein that way. lets keep in touch!

  5. ugh! it can be sooo difficult to get back on track after a vacation but you can do it!

  6. I am SO glad I found your blog! I found you from over at My Life in High Heels - hooray! first of all, you are so pretty my new blogging buddy; and second of all, I can tell you're even more beautiful on the inside by your posts already. Congrats on getting married - Married life ROCKS and is simply the best....soak it all in, I know you will :) I am VERY happy for you and VERY happy I found your blog. that's what browsing does....ha. Come say hi if you get a chance!

  7. I'm glad you found me too! Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments, they made my night last night. You're so sweet and FUNNY oh my gosh! I'm heading over to your blog right now as trying to browse it on my cell phone last night wasn't cutting it :)