Saturday, August 31, 2013

listen to your body.

besides my obsession with turbokick, i did get in two strength training workouts this week which were a nice little change.  they were around 25 minutes a piece which actually was perfect since i feel like i have been running around like a crazy person trying to be wedding productive.

in regards to strength training and working out in general i want to share something with you.  i was at they gym on thursday morning and i felt so energized and motivated but my body was a little sore so i decided i just wanted to lift lighter weights and treated the day more like a rehab day for my body more than anything. 

i was still so happy to be there.  happy enough that i didn't even put my head phones in as i was so content just listening to absolutely nothing.  it wasn't very busy so it was almost as if i really wasn't hearing much of anything except an occasional treadmill here and there.  after about 10 minutes into my work out i was doing some bicep curls with 12 lbs.  a man walked by and started up a conversation with me and what he said made me wish i would have been listening to my iPod rather than having empty ears which was more or less an open invitation for him to talk to me.  i don't need to list everything that he said but it mostly centered around this:

  • i needed to lift heavier weights
  • i needed to stand against a wall to make it more difficult
  • i should try cross fit
  • my 'workout' plan for the day wasn't productive enough and i should probably just stick to the one he told me to do instead

i thanked him for his advice and tried to move along and continue my workout.  i put my weights down and went over to do my second round of 3 circuit push-ups.  i started to breathe heavier and became irritated because i started telling myself things like, "maybe i should be lifting heavier weights,"  "maybe i shouldn't have had a rehab day,"  and of course this question had to come to mind..."if he is telling me that my workout today isn't good enough how am i ever going to create effective plans for clients?" 

i stood up and went for my second round of bicep curls.  this time i grabbed 17.5 lb weights and continued on.  i did not want to be lifting that amount.  it was heavy and i did not want to stand against a wall.  and within seconds i just wasn't having a good time anymore.  i felt uncomfortable because i felt as if he was watching me and critiquing everything that i did.  i put my weights down and reminded myself why i was there in the first place:  rehab day.  i wanted to go put my head phones in to hide myself from his comments but i just couldn't.  i wasn't going to be afraid of him like that.  i put the heavier weights back on the rack and grabbed the lighter weights and looked up the original workout i had planned in my phone and finished it with a smile on my face.  he walked by a few more times during that time and tried telling me things and i just continued to thank him but told him i didn't need his help.  i was content doing the workout i wrote out for myself and ya know what, it felt good to say that.

my point is this.  it is so so important that we listen to our bodies when we live active lifestyles.  i had already had 3 hard workouts that week and my body was telling me that it wanted weights, but wanted them in light doses.  it doesn't matter that everyone else there was lifting more than me and it doesn't matter if one person thinks there idea or plan is better for you because actually the only person that knows whats best for your body is you.  whether you run 30 miles a week or jog once or whether you bench press 150 pounds compared to just the bar, never ever feel intimidated by others at the gym.  they don't know what you did prior to that workout or what you have planned for the rest of the week.  if i know that i'm not going to work out for a few days, i push myself hard during that final workout.  if i get in a funk and am just too lazy to do anything there, sometimes i sit on a yoga mat and talk with co-workers instead of pushing my body over its limits.  you know you best and there is only one person that can judge you and i promise you that he loves you just the way you are. 

i hope that when i post workouts on my blog you take parts of them that you love and do them and i hope you ditch the parts you hate.  if i write down 25 reps of something and you want to do 10, great!  if you want to do 30, awesome!  it is never my intent to push you further than you can go or not push you hard enough.  they are just workouts that i love to do and love to share and i never want to make you feel inadequate for either not doing them or disagreeing with them.  as long as your being you 100% of the time, that is what counts!!  the 17.5 lb dumbbell curls were not me that day and as soon as i realized that, my workout ROCKED!

happy sweating!

Friday, August 30, 2013

one week.

it is still so hard for me to believe that our wedding is one week away.  everyone that i talk to is so kind and supportive and they have made my time as nick's 'fiance' absolutely wonderful.  if you would have asked me a year and half ago where i would be now, getting married in one week would probably have never came out of my mouth.  the Lord is funny though, because even though i never would have envisioned my wedding he knew that it was the perfect time for nick and i to start planning our life together and i thank him every morning because my life and heart have never felt more full.  i am so happy.  i am so ready to marry nick.  and i am so grateful for the past eight months because they have changed me for all the better.  the two of us, we have learned so much.  we have laughed, cried, yelled in anger, screamed in happiness, we have danced, we have drove, we have watched sunrises and sunsets, we have grown together, we've grown as individuals, we have listened, and we have prayed.  there is truly nothing sweeter than having his hands in mine as we close our eyes in thankfulness, breathe in everything that is good, and open our hearts for guidance as we begin this journey.  we smile at each other and it is in these moments that my whole world feels bigger than stars.  he never let's go of my heart and i am so excited to embrace this next week and every moment after. 

yesterday was devoted to programs programs and more programs.  i have so many paper cuts i cannot even begin to tell youuuu and i have 165 more to make!

and since it's friday....i'm heading out for a coffee date with my best friend, a workout with my turbokick junkies, and more program crafting.  keep your eye on the prize, eye on the prize...

Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend love.

after my little outburst on body image yesterday i decided i was going to let myself have a wide open weekend to do whatever the heck i felt like.  weekends have been crazy and weekdays even crazier with all of the things we have going on right now so it was nice to spend some time with just nick and not work on wedding to-do items.  

my weekend was all about the greens which was totally okay with me!


yesterday we went for a 20 mile bike ride and it was wonderful.   the wind was brutal, it was 95 degrees out, and it ended on a dirt road.  we poured ourselves onto the cool floor for about a half an hour when we got home and just laughed at ourselves for even attempting a long ride in this heat.  on the plus side, we reallyyyy had our hearts a pumpin!

i recovered with this...

and lots of these...(there is no better cashew than Whole Foods Raw Organic Full Blend Cashews) holy molyyy!

nick and i woke up at 4 AM sunday morning to head out to the lake to fish.  it was still dark out when we made our first cast and the sunrise, the breeze, and the silence of a huge huge town completely calmed me.  i fished for a while before i drifted off for 20 minutes in the front of the boat.  it was the best nap ever! 

sleepy eyes prettyyy!!!

i'm hoping to get a lot of wedding related tasks done this week along with some sweaty workouts that i'll of course post and share, and my other goal this week is to hit the hay early each night and get lost in my bible, devotionals, and just some me time! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

i think i'll just be happy today.

i have some confessions to make and it is my hope that you can take every word i say and use it to strengthen you and the image you have about being beautiful and being yourself. 

i've noticed that when there is a lot of stress in my life it usually has a large affect on two people.  myself and nick - the one person i love more than anything in the whole wide world.  it's easy though.  to blame myself and to break down to him.  even though the stresses in my life are mostly wedding and money related, the way i deal with them and try to avoid them is through my body image.  it's easier to hate my body and become angry at myself than to address the real stresses.  we can be listening to music on youtube and i can see a video of a teeny tiny girl and the boy she loves and my brain can automatically flip from happy and relaxed to 'why did i eat all of that for supper?"  all...meaning chicken salad, chips, and a few yogurt covered pretzels.  i can be searching for jobs and knowing exactly what i want to do and be confident in the fact that i will be good at it.  but will i 'look' the part?  will i ever get my body to the point where i actually look like a personal trainer?  i write these things because this is exactly what goes on in my head sometimes and somewhere between me growing up and trying to define myself, my self image spiraled down down down.  i also write these things because i know that i have come a long way from where i was a year ago and i'm learning things about self image and loving your body that i want to share with others, and maybe continue to help myself along the way.

you've read my my story.
you know that i had issues with food and exercise.
you know that i'm working on them. 

and the next paragraph right here is me continuing to work on them.

happiness should never ever EVER be based on a number on the scale.  it should never come from an empty stomach, a painful workout, or whether or not you stayed under your calorie allowance for the day (i f-ing hate calories with a passion by the way).  happiness comes from your crazy family, the boy who loves you no matter what, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, chocolate, accomplishments, goals, and it comes directly from your inner self telling you that you are more beautiful and more successful than you were yesterday, every single day!

god is working on us everyday.  he is working on our health, our friendships, our ability to love and to communicate, our patience, and most importantly, our self image.  i laid in my dark room one night and tears started making there way down my cheek.  between the stress of the wedding and wanting it to be perfect for everyone else except myself and the stress of whether or not i would look okay in my dress i immediately felt tense and overwhelmed.  i know that this is not what my wedding day should be about but i choose to stress about it this way rather than dealing with the actual stresses because, like i said, it's easier to critique myself than anything else.  i could walk down the aisle in sweat pants and i know nick would still get teary eyed and love me more than he did an hour prior.  he laid there next to me knowing exactly what was wrong without even having to ask and i sobbed as i continued to wish for the day where my weight wouldn't matter.  i stopped and looked at him.  once again, he asked me what it is that i'm so afraid of?  and this was the exact moment i knew i was learning to let go because i forced myself to remember all of the things that i used to fear that i know now i am so confident with.  if we never take a chance at something we fear, we have already failed.  i took a chance on him and my life is perfect.  i took a chance on moving home, and i couldn't have asked for anything more.  and i took a chance on lifting weights and doing lighter exercise and i have never felt stronger. the numbers may not show but again, numbers should not define anything about you or the person next to you and they should never reveal how much love you give yourself.

emotionally, i'm not too strong, but i'm strong enough to get through whatever it is i'm going through.  i never ever want to be the mom who calls herself fat, chubby, big, or out of shape in front of her kids.  i want to be the confident mom, the loving wife, and the successful woman that i know deep down in my heart i am.  i want my beauty to come from the words i speak and the smile on my face.  i want it to come from baggy sweat pants and knowing i look absolutely stunning (yes stunning) in them.  people are what drive me.  insanely sweaty bike rides motivate me.  and writing on these blank pages is just the place where everything in my world comes out.  i want you to remember that no matter what it is you're going through, life is beautiful just because you're in it.  it was beautiful yesterday, today, and it will be beautiful tomorrow and even though as humans we deal with things internally on a daily basis, we can choose to either let it destroy us, define us, or strengthen us.

i choose the third and i promised myself a long time ago that at some point in my life i'm going to use my struggles with body image and food to change somebody's life for the better, no matter what.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a first.

I am so excited!  Amber from My Life in High Heels tagged me in this game!  It worked out perfect for this Tuesday morning because my life hasn't been all that exciting lately other than putting together what feels like a million wedding decorations...

and making this recipe that i found at one of my all time favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers.

ooo and i laid by the pool on sunday which i thought was going to be a relaxing 'time to nap' sort of day but nick decided he would rather sit at the end of my chair and splash water on me while threatening to throw me in about every 2 minutes.  i did not nap but it was still a good day.

isn't he just a gem?

now for my first ever blog game.  6 things you should know about me:

What is your secret obsession?
i have two obsessions. 
   1.  law and order: SVU
   2.  coffee. 

i am not a tv person at all.  i grew up not watching much television and even through high school and college i was always the girl that looked really confused when my friends were talking about the bachelor or bachelorette or any ridiculously obsessive shows like that.  i do, however, LOVE law and order: SVU.  there are marathons on tuesdays and no matter what time of day it is or what i'm doing, the tv is on even if it's just for a little background noise.

oh and who isn't obsessed with coffee??

What is the best gift you ever received?
the best gift i ever received is my bike.  my parent's gave it to me when i was in 7th grade and i love it.  it's about 13 years old now and the handle bars are rusty but it gets me from place to place and some of my favorite moments are when i'm on it.  nick and i plan on getting new bikes with some of our wedding money but i don't know if i'll be able to give my old one up!

If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
if i could have coffee with anybody, it would be nick.  i know that sounds corny but every moment with him is perfect and i learn from him, am at peace with him, and he is my best friend.  

What is your biggest struggle in blogging?
my biggest struggle in blogging is learning how to connect with other bloggers.  i love commenting and reading other blogs, i just don't ever want them to get the impression that just because i leave a comment, i want a comment in return.  i really just love people and writing and reading which are three things that the blog world have provided me with.  if i could just get better at link-ups (i'm still learning) and things like that, all would be great!

High heels or flats?
my two favorite pair of shoes are my brooks-ghost 5 running shoes and my nike frees.  so i guess my answer to this question would be flats.  i do, however, love a hot pair of wedges every now and then!

What is something that people are always surprised to find out about you?
i played the piano for 11 years.  it taught me to appreciate the art of music and it taught me a whole lot of patience.  that is a hard instrument to play, woofta!  (i'm sure all instruments have their challenges).  but i love being able to sit down and read old sheet music every so often.  it's kind of like riding a bicycle in that it just comes back to you.  not perfectly, of course, but most of the notes are right :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

my week in one post.

another week flew by.  another week closer to the big day.  and it still hasn't hit me.  i went and picked up my wedding dress, MY WEDDING DRESS, yesterday and while i feel beautiful and it fits me perfect, i just haven't yet grasped that my last name is going to be different 3 weeks from TODAY!  i think i have been so busy trying to get everything done and finished (i'm hand making A LOT of things), and get in touch with different people about different parts of the day that the thought of what's actually occurring that day hasn't hit home yet.  boy...planning this wedding has been the time of my life but if you are married or are currently planning a wedding, i think you can agree that their are some stresses that come along with it.  nick has been great and even though he works 12 hour days, he comes home and asks what he can do to help me and i am so thankful for  him.

so my week:  let's start with some sweating...

a bike ride of course (3 of them actually)!

a new exercise class which was i did this 2x instead!

incline walk 10 minutes

3 sets of the following supersets:

kettlebell swings 25x + dumbbell bench press 15x

hamstring ball curls 15x + upright row with barbell 15x
adductor machine 15x + push-ups on a bosu ball 15x

bicep curls 15x + tricep dips on bench 15x

sprints on the treadmill at an incline of 3
(sprint 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds)

cool down and stretch

and last but not least, yesterday i went for a walk.  it was 7:30 AM and i stopped to take a picture and looked over my shoulder down the road and i saw this 'animal' running on the opposite side of the street towards my direction.  at first i thought it was a dog.  then i looked again and it was NOT running how a dog would run.  then i thought it was a wolf because it's ears stuck up and it had this weird tail, but then convinced myself it was a coyotemy heart sorta dropped into my stomach and my throat got really tight and i figured if i just started to walk back towards my house it would ignore me.  


a car came up behind me and honked. HONKED.  who honks at 7:30 in the morning, seriously!  without even thinking i took off sprinting (and i mean knees in the air, arms pumping, ugly look on my face sprinting)...and i don't think i have ever ran so fast in my life.  i had my phone in one hand, i was hikin' up my spandex with the other, and i was screaming all during the course of running dang near a six minute mile.  looking back at myself i know i looked ridiculous but all i could think about was a headline in the paper that read "bride to-be, attacked my a coyote," and i just kept going.  i finally got to where my street turned and looked back and it was crossing the street so that it was now on my side and once again, took off in a dead sprint.  right before you get to my house there is a hill (lucky me), and i looked back one more time and sure enough it was still following me down my street.  i punched in my garage code, hit the concrete and ROLLED into the garage as if i were james bond or something, and jumped up to hit the button so that it would shut again.  i ran into my house, locked the door (i have no idea why), and looked out the window and about 10 seconds later it ran past my driveway.  it was the longest half mile of my life and holy moly i am never walking again at 7:30 in the morning, ever!  i called nick and he started laughing and my heart was racing so fast that i could hardly speak.  he said something that made me smile and then i went on this huge laughing strike where i seriously couldn't stop because i could just picture myself as all of those cars drove past me on their way to work.  i hope i made their morning because if i had seen myself, i would have died.  

so now that your all caught up on my workouts (and new record mile time)...

my week also consisted of buying and wrapping my bridesmaid gifts.

snacking a lot...

and visiting the church where my mom and dad were married.  it's 2 hours from my home town (where my mom grew up), but is actually the town where i bought my wedding dress.  we went and picked it up yesterday, visited her old church, and my grandpa as well!  it was a very good night.

my goal this weekend is to breathe.  when we start trying to do too many things at once, our brains go on overload and if you're anything like me, you probably lose sleep, get crabby, and struggle winding down during times that you should.  one day this week it seemed as if everything was going wrong.  i had that "poor me" attitude and i was driving myself crazy.  i put everything down, closed my eyes, and drifted too a place a where i was reminded that not every day is perfect but the bad days, in fact, made the good days so much better.  it was one of those times where you open your bible and it's like you read words that were meant for you in that very moment and i finally was able to look at my day and be thankful for so many things.  i was completely motivated and i want to motivate others.  so if anything this weekend, i'd like to be the girl that can motivate you to smile at strangers, be kind, and never fall asleep at night without making sure you didn't miss out on a second of your day.

love love love. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

rest is best.

What's the best part about waking up on a Sunday?  It's my rest dayyy!  Thinking about everything we did yesterday, however, doesn't make it feel like it was a rest day at all but any day spent doing anything and everything with this guy is wonderful to me.

 Back to the whole 'resting' thing...

Sometimes I think our world gets so crazy that even thinking about resting seems like one more thing to do.  I've learned that having a rest day not only from workouts, but in every day life as well can be one of the greatest things.  It sounds easy but often times it's not.  When it comes to working out, in order for the body to change (become more fit) it needs to be exposed to stresses and once this has happened it needs time to adapt to them in order to change.  This can also relate to your life.  In order for us to grow, change, and become the best that we can be, we need to be exposed to stresses and like before, our minds and our bodies need time to adapt to this crazy crazy world.  Sundays are usually when I take this time because I am usually at home and when I'm at home I can rest and also get things done that I've missed during the week.  It's resting and it's not all at the same time and which ever way you want to do it,  rest and recovery should be a part of your weekly routine :)

Rewinding to the weekend...

 I have this new love for trails. It seems like every bike ride I take I am falling in love with new trails and new adventures.  I've lived in this town almost my entire life and I'm still finding new places to go and ohh how sweet it is!

Another thing about my town is that even though we're a little on the smaller side compared to other suburbs...we get outdoor concerts...for cheap!

And so my Saturday was spent watching Josh Thompson (horrible horrible picture I'm sorrryyy) ...

And with my friend from Fargo who recently moved to Minnesota and also came to visit me for the day and night.  Meet Katie Sue...she is my antique loving, free spirited bestie and she is the best.

Last but not least.  A little love from the soon to be Mr. and Mrs!

I'm off to work and to kickboxing and this little circuit workout found here.


Happy Monday!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It was a productive Monday and I love it!  I had an awesome workout with one of my closest friends, I did some much needed wedding tasks that I've been putting off, and I spent the afternoon with my dad while cleaning some areas of the house, which once again I have been avoiding.  

Cleaning windows is NOT my favorite thing, especially in the condition that they were in, yikes....

But I did it, and life goes on :)

I really wish I could have went back to my weekend though, which consisted of this...

and this...

and a whole lot of this...

I wanted to take a minute and share some Stay Slim Secrets that crossed my mind while I was up on a ladder scraping away spider webs from above our front door :)  These are things that I believe have truly helped me when it comes to balancing food and fitness and healthy living and while there are TONS of ways to stay slim, I wanted to write about just a few!  Take em' or hate em', as long as you're trying to be the very best you every single day!

START YOUR DAY WITH A BANG:  Exercising in the morning can help ensure a healthy behavior all day long.  It can help you move more for the rest of that day, eat healthier, and avoid having the foods that are tempting you, all because you had a healthy start.

WEIGH YOURSELF ONCE A WEEK:  This is often enough to make sure you stay on track, but not so often that you become obsessive over every number.  Step on the scale first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty.

BE PICKY:  Share with others that you are focusing on eating healthier and they can help you stay on track by having healthier options around.  When you're hungry, think about what you're in the mood for and PICK those foods first as you will become satisfied a lot quicker.  Involving others and being picky with yourself and your workouts will for sure jump start that weight loss or healthy living goal.

AVOID BANKING CALORIES:  Avoiding foods all day and saving your calories for "later" (indulging) will only set you up for failure.  Why?  You're STARVING by the time that time rolls around and when you're hungry it is very easy to get out of control when you're faced with a stocked pantry and fridge.  Eat three meals and a couple of balanced snacks a day!  (It's harder than it sounds, I know!)

CONCENTRATE ON BEING ACTIVE:  Even if you don't have time to get in a 45-60 minute workout or you can't make it to your favorite class, move your body for 15 minutes and you can maintain that fitness level.  The healthiest people are NOT the ones that spend hours and hours in a gym.  Healthy people are consistently active, do a variety of exercises, and indulge in a little chocolate and salt every now and then.  And frozen yogurt, do not forget frozen yogurt.

AVOID PIGGING OUT AT NIGHT:  When I wasn't eating enough during the day, I found myself so hungry by the time 9:00 rolled around.  I would eat the first thing I could find which often meant no preparation required which usuallyyyy means it's not very healthy to begin with, especially right before I was going to lay down for the night.  When you're eating balanced meals throughout the day your metabolism is consistently working and you wont have a huge spike in hunger when night time arrives.  If I'm hungry at night, I usually eat some greek yogurt, a couple bites of cottage cheese, a small glass of milk...(ok chocolate milk), or berries.  

I hope you had a fantastic Monday!

What are your stay slim secrets? 
What's your favorite snack before bed?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

why i choose health.

i just can't get enough.  my outlook on health and fitness have changed tremendously over the past few months and nothing has felt more fulfilling than the transitions i've made about taking care of my body and my mind. 

one year ago:

i was attending school full time and was commuting every day which meant leaving at 7:15 AM and not getting home until 6 PM.  i developed this fear that if i didn't get a workout in FIRST THING in the morning, i wouldn't feel accomplished for the day and "all hell would break loose."  because of this, my alarm would go off at 4:30 AM in order for me to run pointless miles on the treadmill with no food in my stomach, no passion for what i was doing, and left me feeling not healthy at all.  

guess what?  i did it anyways. 

it's like it was engraved into my brain that i had to run.  i couldn't do anything else besides miles and sprints and inclines.  i hurt more than i will ever admit to anyone.  weekends were no different as i would wake up at 7 AM in order to get myself to the gym and once again, run run and only run.  occasionally i would do some sit ups but i found myself in so much pain and stress that i would just go home.  

stress?  from working out?  i never thought this was possible but yes, this is exactly what i was going through.  

there is a key element on the other end of the health spectrum that i was also struggling with and even ignoring for that matter; nutrition.  i was so busy counting calories and finding ways to eliminate things out of my diet that by the time i actually thought about what i was eating, there were probably only 5 things to list.  yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter toast, trail mix, raw veggies.  i was getting enough calories (or so i thought), but the foods i was eating were not doing anything for my workouts or my lifestyle for that matter.  i had a problem and was extremely afraid to admit it. 

after many struggles and really taking a step back to re-teach myself about how to be healthy and stating the reason for it, i have learned so much and can finally say that my outlook on fitness and even nutrition have completely changed.  i've learned that exercise is really just a huge period of trial and error.  it's finding what works for you and what doesn't.  i was the opposite of many people in that i had a slight addiction to working out for all of the wrong reasons.  i wasn't doing it to benefit my health, i was merely trying to burn calories and trying to cut things out of my diet that i thought would make me gain weight.  after all, i read somewhere that the key to losing weight is to "burn more calories than you take in." sound right?  while this is true, it is the one sentence that led me down a path of self destruction, insecurity, and so much pain.  i took that sentence and completely removed it from my thoughts and instead replaced it with sentences like, "use your food as fuel."  "you can get through this cardio session because you have strength trained your muscles to be strong enough to get you through it and you have supplied those muscles with food, real food!"  

going through all of this has taught me patience, hard work, balance and ways to rebuild some much needed self confidence that i somehow lost long ago.  do i still struggle with all of it?  are there still days that i find myself having small set backs?  of course i do and i probably always will, but i am now on the right track towards the healthiest version of me and i cannot tell you how fulfilling it feels!  i love being able to share my passion of healthy living with others and because of it, i'm going to pursue what i wish i would have done a long time ago.  right after my wedding and honeymoon, i'll be attending some workshops in order to become a personal trainer.  i smile just thinking about it and i believe i've finally found one of my callings. 

now, for the less in depth part of this post...

some things that helped me from where i was then to where i am now:

1.  switch up your workouts.  as soon as i started doing different types of exercises i noticed many changes in my body and my eating habits.  running is hard enough on your body and when you're doing it EVERY DAY...of course you're going to hurt!  try a group fitness class, go for a bike ride (my new favorite thing), do circuit training in your garage (i'm pretty sure my neighbors think i'm crazy), and dance or do anything that gets your pretty self movin!

2.  know your limits.  my limits were something i pretty much ignored back then.  it didn't matter that i was tired or that i was hurting or even hungry for that matter, i was going to finish that last mile.  dumb.  listen to your body.  push yourself, yes, but there is nothing more important that you can do than listening to your very own self about what's going on with you and only you.

3.  strength train, and think about the muscles you're working when doing so!  by far, this is the biggest change i made that developed my passion for fitness again.  i've always loved being active but as you read earlier i wasn't doing it correctly and when i started weight training, this whole other passion and whole new person developed!  you can use any equipment or even your own body weight for that matter!  try try try your hardest to strength train three times a week. 

4.  use a heart rate monitor.  my Polar Watch has helped me manage my heart rate during my workouts so i can visually see when i need to step it up a notch in order to be the most efficient during that time.  it also helps you keep track of your time and calories burned, which are little bonuses.

5.  i know it sounds pretty cliche', but HAVE FUN.  the minute i started having fun exercising again was the exact moment that it didn't feel like a chore.  i used to write my workouts in my planner every single day just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off when i was finished.  now i find myself looking for the next class or even just telling nick things like "I benched 85 lbs today!"

lastly, here are a couple workouts i'd like to share with you that got me through the weekend!

yesterday was this killer legs workout, yeeeesh! 

complete 3 sets of each exercise:
kettlebell squat 25lbs
Split Squat with dumbbells
hamstring curls on stability ball

50 jumping jacks
walking lunges (30)
calf raises of step aerobics bench with 18 lb barbell on shoulders 

kettlebell swings 25lb
kettlebell single leg dead lifts 25 lbs (15 each leg)
mountain climbers on bosu ball 25x

i work this afternoon but am going on a 15 mile bike ride beforehand followed by this little circuit:

- Push up to side plank rotation 15x
- Row with Tricep kickback in static lunge 20x
- Push up with Dumbbell Row, 10 each arm
- Wall sit with dumbbell Curls 25x
- Spider Planks 25x
(-repeat circuit 2x)

i hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and you get a chance to MOVE THAT BODY!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

according to my iphone.

trying to bring out the inner artist in me and paint my table numbers.  

new town, new stores, and ring shopping for nick.   

i woke up wednesday feeling awful...soup is the only thing i've eaten in two days which makes me pretty sad on such beautiful summer nights.  

a little thank you card action via instagram 

there is nothing better than frozen yogurt on a monday night and this plaaace...well just look at nick.  

photography location for my wedding day, which by the way is in 34 DAYS!!