Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend love.

after my little outburst on body image yesterday i decided i was going to let myself have a wide open weekend to do whatever the heck i felt like.  weekends have been crazy and weekdays even crazier with all of the things we have going on right now so it was nice to spend some time with just nick and not work on wedding to-do items.  

my weekend was all about the greens which was totally okay with me!


yesterday we went for a 20 mile bike ride and it was wonderful.   the wind was brutal, it was 95 degrees out, and it ended on a dirt road.  we poured ourselves onto the cool floor for about a half an hour when we got home and just laughed at ourselves for even attempting a long ride in this heat.  on the plus side, we reallyyyy had our hearts a pumpin!

i recovered with this...

and lots of these...(there is no better cashew than Whole Foods Raw Organic Full Blend Cashews) holy molyyy!

nick and i woke up at 4 AM sunday morning to head out to the lake to fish.  it was still dark out when we made our first cast and the sunrise, the breeze, and the silence of a huge huge town completely calmed me.  i fished for a while before i drifted off for 20 minutes in the front of the boat.  it was the best nap ever! 

sleepy eyes prettyyy!!!

i'm hoping to get a lot of wedding related tasks done this week along with some sweaty workouts that i'll of course post and share, and my other goal this week is to hit the hay early each night and get lost in my bible, devotionals, and just some me time! 


  1. I just tried the Key Lime Chobani for the first time this weekend, and I LOVED it!! Happy Monday!

    Significance or Nothing.

    1. haha happy wednesday now! sorry it took me a while! and yes the key lime is my new favorite!!