Friday, August 16, 2013

my week in one post.

another week flew by.  another week closer to the big day.  and it still hasn't hit me.  i went and picked up my wedding dress, MY WEDDING DRESS, yesterday and while i feel beautiful and it fits me perfect, i just haven't yet grasped that my last name is going to be different 3 weeks from TODAY!  i think i have been so busy trying to get everything done and finished (i'm hand making A LOT of things), and get in touch with different people about different parts of the day that the thought of what's actually occurring that day hasn't hit home yet.  boy...planning this wedding has been the time of my life but if you are married or are currently planning a wedding, i think you can agree that their are some stresses that come along with it.  nick has been great and even though he works 12 hour days, he comes home and asks what he can do to help me and i am so thankful for  him.

so my week:  let's start with some sweating...

a bike ride of course (3 of them actually)!

a new exercise class which was i did this 2x instead!

incline walk 10 minutes

3 sets of the following supersets:

kettlebell swings 25x + dumbbell bench press 15x

hamstring ball curls 15x + upright row with barbell 15x
adductor machine 15x + push-ups on a bosu ball 15x

bicep curls 15x + tricep dips on bench 15x

sprints on the treadmill at an incline of 3
(sprint 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds)

cool down and stretch

and last but not least, yesterday i went for a walk.  it was 7:30 AM and i stopped to take a picture and looked over my shoulder down the road and i saw this 'animal' running on the opposite side of the street towards my direction.  at first i thought it was a dog.  then i looked again and it was NOT running how a dog would run.  then i thought it was a wolf because it's ears stuck up and it had this weird tail, but then convinced myself it was a coyotemy heart sorta dropped into my stomach and my throat got really tight and i figured if i just started to walk back towards my house it would ignore me.  


a car came up behind me and honked. HONKED.  who honks at 7:30 in the morning, seriously!  without even thinking i took off sprinting (and i mean knees in the air, arms pumping, ugly look on my face sprinting)...and i don't think i have ever ran so fast in my life.  i had my phone in one hand, i was hikin' up my spandex with the other, and i was screaming all during the course of running dang near a six minute mile.  looking back at myself i know i looked ridiculous but all i could think about was a headline in the paper that read "bride to-be, attacked my a coyote," and i just kept going.  i finally got to where my street turned and looked back and it was crossing the street so that it was now on my side and once again, took off in a dead sprint.  right before you get to my house there is a hill (lucky me), and i looked back one more time and sure enough it was still following me down my street.  i punched in my garage code, hit the concrete and ROLLED into the garage as if i were james bond or something, and jumped up to hit the button so that it would shut again.  i ran into my house, locked the door (i have no idea why), and looked out the window and about 10 seconds later it ran past my driveway.  it was the longest half mile of my life and holy moly i am never walking again at 7:30 in the morning, ever!  i called nick and he started laughing and my heart was racing so fast that i could hardly speak.  he said something that made me smile and then i went on this huge laughing strike where i seriously couldn't stop because i could just picture myself as all of those cars drove past me on their way to work.  i hope i made their morning because if i had seen myself, i would have died.  

so now that your all caught up on my workouts (and new record mile time)...

my week also consisted of buying and wrapping my bridesmaid gifts.

snacking a lot...

and visiting the church where my mom and dad were married.  it's 2 hours from my home town (where my mom grew up), but is actually the town where i bought my wedding dress.  we went and picked it up yesterday, visited her old church, and my grandpa as well!  it was a very good night.

my goal this weekend is to breathe.  when we start trying to do too many things at once, our brains go on overload and if you're anything like me, you probably lose sleep, get crabby, and struggle winding down during times that you should.  one day this week it seemed as if everything was going wrong.  i had that "poor me" attitude and i was driving myself crazy.  i put everything down, closed my eyes, and drifted too a place a where i was reminded that not every day is perfect but the bad days, in fact, made the good days so much better.  it was one of those times where you open your bible and it's like you read words that were meant for you in that very moment and i finally was able to look at my day and be thankful for so many things.  i was completely motivated and i want to motivate others.  so if anything this weekend, i'd like to be the girl that can motivate you to smile at strangers, be kind, and never fall asleep at night without making sure you didn't miss out on a second of your day.

love love love. 


  1. Hey lovely! I tagged you in my game on my page. Sorry I missed you the first time. I blame it on school brain. Happy weekend

  2. Oh My gracious! Only 2 weeks left now! You are going to be absolutely stunning and your wedding decorations are so sweet and pretty. Cannot wait to see pics