Monday, August 12, 2013

rest is best.

What's the best part about waking up on a Sunday?  It's my rest dayyy!  Thinking about everything we did yesterday, however, doesn't make it feel like it was a rest day at all but any day spent doing anything and everything with this guy is wonderful to me.

 Back to the whole 'resting' thing...

Sometimes I think our world gets so crazy that even thinking about resting seems like one more thing to do.  I've learned that having a rest day not only from workouts, but in every day life as well can be one of the greatest things.  It sounds easy but often times it's not.  When it comes to working out, in order for the body to change (become more fit) it needs to be exposed to stresses and once this has happened it needs time to adapt to them in order to change.  This can also relate to your life.  In order for us to grow, change, and become the best that we can be, we need to be exposed to stresses and like before, our minds and our bodies need time to adapt to this crazy crazy world.  Sundays are usually when I take this time because I am usually at home and when I'm at home I can rest and also get things done that I've missed during the week.  It's resting and it's not all at the same time and which ever way you want to do it,  rest and recovery should be a part of your weekly routine :)

Rewinding to the weekend...

 I have this new love for trails. It seems like every bike ride I take I am falling in love with new trails and new adventures.  I've lived in this town almost my entire life and I'm still finding new places to go and ohh how sweet it is!

Another thing about my town is that even though we're a little on the smaller side compared to other suburbs...we get outdoor concerts...for cheap!

And so my Saturday was spent watching Josh Thompson (horrible horrible picture I'm sorrryyy) ...

And with my friend from Fargo who recently moved to Minnesota and also came to visit me for the day and night.  Meet Katie Sue...she is my antique loving, free spirited bestie and she is the best.

Last but not least.  A little love from the soon to be Mr. and Mrs!

I'm off to work and to kickboxing and this little circuit workout found here.


Happy Monday!


  1. Love this!!! It looks like you guys had a blast. My rest days are usually Saturday's but it's so imperative. Rest day to me, just means to do what I want and have some fun. Likes like you did girl!

    1. I just visited your blog and it's awesome! Can't wait to read more and thanks for stopping by, keep in touch!