If this is your first time visiting this blog, I'd like to welcome you!  My name is Beth.  I'm a writer, a dreamer, and a girl of God.  Before I tell you why I created this blog, I'd like to share with you a little bit about me.

I'm a joyous girl through and through.  I love my camera, I love Sunday mornings, and I love words, both written and read.  

I married my best friend on September 6th of this year and am so blessed with someone who makes my heart so so full.  My love for him goes deeper than oceans and nothing has ever felt so right.

While I'm typically not a planner, there are three things that occur in my life on a daily basis and those things are writing, building a relationship with God, and standing barefoot on my yoga mat allowing myself to feel everything around me that is real.  My goal each day is to find and maintain balance which is the reason I started this journey.  My hope is that barefootbeliever will reach out to people who are looking for answers in this chaotic world.  Finding balance physically, mentally, and spiritually are areas of our lives that every person can benefit from.  Many people do not sleep enough, exercise enough, drink enough water, or take the time to enjoy the smallest of things that life gives us.  It is these things that are often times the most precious and it is my goal to make them easily available to you.   

This isn't a blog about what I eat every day or how much time I spend working out or cooking healthy meals.  It will not contain my day to day tasks or anything that makes my life look simpler than it actually is.  It's about me, having a place to channel all of my creative energy while learning to live a balanced life and embracing both its imperfections and beauty.   

I guess what I'm trying to say (and still trying to learn and accept) is that I'm not perfect and over a very short time, I learned that our lives and this world is far from perfect as well.  I strive to use my energy towards seeking the beautiful things in life and bringing out the very best in people because happy people make me happy. 

Before I started barefootbeliever, I read all sorts of blogs and will continue to do so because they inspire me to try things and remind me that being an individual and doing something different can truly be special.

My personal goals might not match yours and the things I write about may not be identical to what's occurring in your life at this very moment, but I will do whatever  I can to empower, inspire, and write in a way that you can hopefully relate to in some area of your life.

I believe I was called to do this and I'm not entirely sure why.  This is me.  I believe that God is asking me to follow my heart and my heart truly lies in these words that I consistently write each day and because of them, I can offer you my thoughts, beautiful things inside my camera, and bits and pieces of my tender heart.  I can also share my struggles so you know that you are not the only one.  I can write about heartaches when they come,  uncompleted goals,  and moments where your heart becomes flooded with failure because these are all part of life.  A beautiful and messy and perfect life.

I learn as I go.
I am animated.
I fill my home with prayer.
My hair sits on top of my head.
I see happy and write about it.
I get anxious.
I love health.
I love communicating.
I love people.
I'm in search of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
And I will be a dreamer from beginning to end.
 You may read my words and never want to read them again or they may touch you and motivate you just as certain blogs have done for me.  If you'd like to continue or maybe even begin a journey of finding balance in this lovely world, I invite you to join me and encourage you to comment and get involved along the way.



  1. Love your heart and the reason behind this beautiful blog of yours!

  2. i hopped on over to your blog after reading your sweet comment on my post this morning and i am so glad that i did!!!! what a beautiful heart and purpose behind your blog!! i love that you are striving to live as healthy a life as you can and embrace every moment along the way....and ADORABLE puppy!!! excited to start following along!! xoxo