Planning my wedding was by far the most special time in my life.  Nick completely changed my world and my outlook on love and I am so incredibly blessed. 

My creative heart was pounding through each and every moment of this and I want to share the experience with all of you because being a newlywed, well, totally rocks!

Before we get started, here is a little bit about Nick:

-  is your all around hunting, fishing, and rugged outdoorsy addict.
- can grill the best piece of chicken i've ever tasted.
- country music is his go-to.
- takes me places i've never been.
- has the biggest heart in the world.

And in case you don't already know me enough...
- I'm a photography junkie.
- I love yoga and do it almost daily.
-My family is my world.
- I crave words and letters and blank pages.
- I am overly happy when it comes to espresso, wine, yoga, and nature because they help me see life's beautiful and simple joys. 

Special dates:
we met on may 26th, 2012
we had our first date on july 21st, 2012
We got engaged on january 1st, 2013
We said I do on september 6th, 2013

You can read about my bachelorette party here.

And a little bit about my honeymoon here.

And about my wedding day here:  The Day After I Do. 

It was the best day of my life and i hope that every bride feels this way because it is truly amazing the way everything just works out, almost as if God takes care of anything the moment you wake up that morning.   i felt so much love, i felt so beautiful, and i felt so so proud that i said yes to the perfect man for me.  my emotions were everywhere but my heart had never been in such peace.  before we got married i pictured myself walking down the aisle with a million thoughts running through my mind.  but on that day, when the doors opened and my eyes connected with his, the only thing in this entire world i thought about was him and his crooked smile that gets me every single time.

i absolutely love being a wife.

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