Saturday, September 14, 2013

Safety First. Maybe? Please?

I'm getting a little too comfortable here and I think Monday is going to come too fast.  Every minute away has been so refreshing and Nick and I have continued to learn about one another, laugh with each other, and eat meals as if we are some sort of royal couple and oh how sweet it is.

I would post pictures from Thursday, however, it seriously might go down as the Honeymoon Day from Hell.  No pictures, but lots and lots of memories that we will be able to share forever.  Let me explain.

Nick and I wanted to have a day where we went to another resort and did all sorts of activities.  We chose Thursday, the day it happened to be EXTRA gloomy and EXTRA rainy.  We figured we would get over there and it might get canceled and we could reschedule.  Nope.  These resort people must reallyyy want their money because there is no way we should have been out in the ocean in those conditions.  I'm talking huge rollers, the darkest sky I've ever seen, and raindrops bigger than golf balls.  We were pretty much in a full on tropical thunderstorm.  But let's go snorkeling shall we?

Sure, why not.  I've never been snorkeling to begin with and I'm telling you the honest truth when I say it's one of my biggest fears.  I have this severe problem with life under water (mostly sharks), and I have been that way since I was little.  I really wanted to face my fears and just go since I figured Nick would be next to me the whole time.  I went.  I shook like a scared little puppy.  And I swallowed a gallon of salt water as I tried to survive each wave that hit us.  The minute the man said 45 minutes was up and we had to head back to the boat (oh yesss, we swam 500 feet away from it), I swam my trembling little self as fast as I possibly could back to the boat.  I was the first one in the boat and I was NOT going back in the water.  But I did it and I really did try to make the most of it.

Next up was ATV's.  Again, we thought they might cancel it since it was still pouring and still dark as night.  They gave us helmets and told us to hold on as tight as we could.  These people, wowzaaa!  Nick drove, thank the LORD.  I will say that it beat snorkeling by about 100 points but it might be the most dangerous thing I had ever done.  Four wheeling in a tropical storm through a rough jungle jumping rocks and diving through puddles at 25 mph was kiiiind of fun, but the rain was hitting my face so hard I couldn't see to enjoy much of it.  We laughed and Nick and the rest of the people could hardly keep up with the employee that was leading the group and I was hoping we didn't get lost or get rolled oofta!

The last activity we had signed up to do was speed boats.   The clouds got bigger, the rain got even harder, and I really just wanted to go home (or at least stay on land).  We couldn't get our money back, however, so we decided to make the best of it.  The boats fit two people and they were way smaller than your typical fishing boat.  Nick drove again, thank goodness.  We followed a line in the ocean and OH MY GOSH never ever EVER again will you catch me out there like that.  Remember when I said my biggest fear is snorkeling?  That immediately changed when we started jumping 10 feet waves (I'm not kidding) and almost completely drowning for 45 minutes.  And remember when I said that four wheeling was probably the most dangerous thing I've ever done.  Nu uhhh...speed boating in a monsoon takes the cake on that one.  All I remember was the rain hitting my body so hard, the water splashing in my face even harder, and seeing big white waves tumble towards me every single second.  I was holding on for dear life and was crying so so loud.  I wish we would have had a video camera because I'm sure we would have won some sort of prize.  Nick said my face showed pure terror and my cry was one he had never heard (I for sure had the ugly face, can hardly breath, shaking anxiety attack type of cry), and he felt completely helpless.  It was the longest 45 minutes of my life but it eventually ended.  I jumped out of our tiny little boat and looked directly at the man who was leading the pack and he laughed really hard and said "a little rough huh?"...I just said "yes, a little" and swam to shore only to get down poured on once again.

As we sat and waited for our ride back to our hotel we laughed because it was by far the worst yet most expensive day of our honeymoon.  I am proud of us for trying to make the most out of each activity but they should really let you cancel if you don't think it's safe enough to go.  We laughed about it all the whole night, however, and it ended up being a great day.  The sun came out before dinner, we drank chocolate martinis, and ate the best grilled sea bass I have ever tasted.

Friday was breakfast:

seeing these little beauties!

and catching a little bit of sun and the health bar for the afternoon.

I hope your week has been wonderful and you have all stayed dry and safe!  We have two days left here and I wish there was more.  I am definitely missing iced coffee, my gym, my family, and friends a whole bunch but like I said, time away with my new husband is so wonderful!  Happy Saturday!


  1. oh my gosh! what an experience! I want to give you HUGE props for facing your fears!! I know that I would have been completely and 100% terrified! But- now you know that you and your husband can go through a traumatic experience and arrive at the other side still smiling and loving each other! True test to a relationship! :)

  2. pictures and memories you'll remember for the rest of your life! just wait, in 1 year when you go back and look at these you'll be like "WOW! we have changed..." then one day you'll have a 2 year old and be like "ohhhh wow, we have REALLY changed!" haha.

  3. (and by changed, I mean for the better, I don't mean the worse...haha) I have to include that because some people think just because you get married you change for the worse and get fat and happy in your marriage; obviously, by your blog, I can tell you are against that. lol.

    1. hahaha it's 6:30 AM and you have me laughing out loud, I love it!!!!

  4. How amazing. I think my favorite was your Thursday experience. Every friend of mine has a honeymoon horror story. Love seeing how happy and glowing you are!