Sunday, September 22, 2013

a coffee date, twice a day, with myself.

I'm 25 today!  Half way to 50 and half way through my twenties!  I love birthdays so much but September was so busy I barely remembered mine was today!  Hope you have a great first day of fall, and for all you twenty-something-year-olds...

20 ways to make the most of your twenties
1. Don't waste your time at a job you hate.
2. Don't give up on searching for a job you'll love.
3. Don't be afraid of an opportunity.
4. Start saving your money at age 20 18.
5. Stop complaining about yourself.
 6. Follow through with what you say.
7. Laugh at yourself.
8. Cherish the few friends that you have.
9. Accept change.
10. Accept that time goes by extremely fast.
11. Don't rush.
12. Be honest with yourself.
13.  Become friends with your family.
14.  Have a coffee date, twice a day, with yourself.
15.  Read a real book.
16.  Worship.
17.  Do the things you're afraid of.
18.  Keep your hobbies simple.
19.  Embrace that skinny is not a ticket to happiness

20.  Be gracious, be gentle, and always start with yourself.


  1. Excellent advice. Happy birthday lovely! September was certainly good to you.

    The day I turned 25 my dad asked me how it felt to be closer to 30 than 20. What a Debbie downer!

  2. I just turned 25 too, and I totally agree with your entire list! I'm going to have to start that second daily coffee date routine! :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day was wonderful!
    What an amazing list- spot on! I especially love #13! So, so, so important!