Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the room i've been waiting for.

Since we moved into our house we have (for the most part) set up each room and found a place for all of our things.  I shouldn't kid myself, however, because as soon as we put something in it's place, it gets moved or the room gets messy or lets face it, the whole house looks like a scattered pile of things!  But i'm okay with that.  There has been one room that I have wanted to put together since the day we moved in and just haven't had the time or motivation as it became the room that we threw EVERYTHING we owned and didn't know what to do with...including wedding stuff. 

Now that the wedding is over annnnnd it's a new month...I had a sudden moment of ambition to clean and to my surprise, I finally have the room I've been waiting for!

Yesterday I completed this short and sweaty workout before work, the best kind! 

Stair Stepper
Alternate two minutes at level 9 and one minute at level 14 for a total of 20 minutes.  

Single Arm Row 3x15
Tricep Dip on Bench 3x12 (keep your tush as close to the bench as possible)
Series of 100 sit ups

Shoulder Press 3x15
Tricep Kick Backs 3x20
Series of 100 sit ups

Dumbbell Row (both arms) 3x15
Tricep Push up 3x10 (on knees)
Series of 100 Sit ups

Cool Down Walk 5 Minutes

speaking of happy, here are some other links i'm loving...

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I hope you're all having a wonderful week and having the chance to get outside and enjoy the fall weather!  

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