Monday, October 21, 2013

mondays are meant for...

This weekend was a long one.  We left on Friday night for Madison, Wisconsin which is a little over a five hour drive for us to attend my cousin's wedding.  I don't do that well in cars but it was good practice for our potential road trip this spring!  There's a few reasons why I struggle with long car rides.

1.  I drink water constantly so I need to stop quite often.
2.  All of the exit signs with the pictures of what that particular town contains as far as food and gas and lodging make me very antsy and I want to stop at all of them from boredom.
3.  Stopping makes the trip feel longer
4.  It's difficult to eat healthy when you're on the road.  Gas station apples and almonds are my usual pick but then there is the trail mixes and the peanut butter m&m's oh my gaaahd!
5.  Pandora's commercial breaks drive me crazy.
6.  I'm usually cold and everyone else in the car is usually hot which makes for uncomfortable temperatures one way or another.

Other than those things it was a pretty good trip.  Plus, I realized that I can change most of things by packing my own snacks, reading a book rather than staring at exit signs, and making a playlist of music before heading out.  A little planning ahead and the road sounds wonderful!

The wedding was cold but I'm thankful that I found this little cup of happy to get me through it! 

It was a rooftop wedding which we were unaware of until the night before the ceremony but it was a beautiful day...and I kind of fell in love with the city.

Other than crushing on this burly man in a tie the whole day, there was a little bonus:  It was the first wedding after my own and it was such a surprise when I saw they labeled  my last name as my married name!  Even I was looking for my maiden name on the place cards!

The start of this week was a good one.  I continued the job search all morning and came across a few that I had a good feeling about.  I was thinking about jobs and family and really life in general this morning during my yoga class and this calm feeling came over me.  I felt, in that moment, that everything is going to turn out okay.  I began my dancer pose and held it longer than usual, stretching my leg further towards the wall behind me.  I gazed down at the floor and was so proud of myself for making teeny tiny progress.  I was reminded in that moment that patience and yoga compliment each other.  And then I was reminded that patience and life do as well.  A job is coming soon.  I can almost feel it!

In other words, Mondays are meant for patience...and yoga.

And new shoes...

And this little peach.

 And a little Autumn warmth.

I hope your week started off great!  


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