Sunday, July 14, 2013

let us be aware

Many people no longer feel emotions.  They have endured so much pain in the past that they simply turned off their feelings.  I was here once and learned that people who have refused to feel anything for a long period of time are afraid to begin to feel again because all they can remember about feelings is pain.  Pain.  One of the hardest words to comprehend because there are so many versions of it.  Physical pain, emotional pain, financial pain, and anxious pain can all come in to character at some point in our lives and not only do they create stress but they have the perfect opportunity to completely tear us down.  Eventually this pain must be dealt with in order to let godly emotions flow in our lives again.  Allowing ourselves to feel again will turn a hard heart into a tender one, but it requires patience and willingness to work with your deepest self to get those feelings turned back on. 

No matter what has caused your pain or how terrible it was, don't stay in the bondage of having a hard heart.  It will only treat the symptoms and not the roots of your pain.  It will not protect you from further pain but it will inhibit the ability to hear the sound of your own voice and the voice of God.  He did create us to have feelings you know!  Anytime you let yourself feel you are going to make yourself vulnerable to some sort of pain BUT it will be different when you are prepared and when you can accept that there is no perfect way to handle something, just God's way.  If you have turned off your emotions, much like I did in order to prevent yourself from feeling any sort of hurt, rejection, or anxiety, I ask that you take a minute and turn them back on because coincidentally all of those things will be your end result if you don't.  When you turn them off you have compromised your very own ability to hear the voice inside of you that's leading to you a long and healthy life, which is exactly what your fragile heart deserves.


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