Tuesday, July 23, 2013

every summer has a story.

every girl dreams of a certain time in her life and that time is when she meets a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began.  

let me correct myself.  every girl dreams of TWO times in her life and the second one is when she realizes that the summer where it all began becomes planning the day where their lives will begin together.  

my summer story started last year when i moved home from North Dakota and back to my home town.  i met up with some old high school friends one night and that is really the time when everything started between nick and i.  

we met, we went fishing at 4 am, and we spent almost every night together since.  nick has always encouraged me to be myself and he has taken me places that i've never been.  his laid back personality is calming to me yet he is always up for anything (dancing in the middle of a dirt road by the river is one of my favorite memories with him).  it only took me about one date with this boy to realize how thankful i was that i moved home.  

this past Sunday marked our one year anniversary and it was perfect.  he woke me up at 7 am and took me on a 15 mile bike ride!  it was beautiful outside and such a relaxing morning.  we made breakfast, i headed out to work for the afternoon, and we ended our anniversary at the place where our relationship began:  the lake.

annnnd of course some good old selfies for yaa!  ;)

building a relationship and keeping it strong:

one of the best parts of my relationship with nick is how strong our relationship was on day 1 and how strong it is currently despite the one year of time that has passed.  when i first met him and began my relationship with him there was nothing that fulfilled an emptiness in my heart like the 'first love feelings.'  it was new and exciting and different.  over time we got to know one another, we grew together, and one year passed and guess what?  it's still new and exciting and different.  of course relationships are about learning and accepting but there is absolutely no reason why they can't stay fun and exciting and strong.  

 here are some ways to do so:

 1.  set goals together
2.  dance together
3.  walk together
4.  always always always support him/her
5.  take lots of pictures
6.  travel 
7.  schedule dates near or on water.  it's relaxing and even the same view 100 times can always look and feel different
8.  say 'i love you' more than one time per day
9.  tell them they are your best friend more than one time per day
10.  let God be the center of your relationship 

i hope your week is going fabulous!! 

-elizabeth jane.