Monday, July 8, 2013

be the light.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and enjoyed family, friends, and lots of good food and lake time!  I wanted to a take a minute and share with you some things that really touched me over the weekend when I compared them to my life.  I heard a story about a young man who worked as a server at a resort in Mexico.  He was the kindest, genuine, and most outgoing person that all of the resort's guests asked to sit at his table every single day.  His section would often times be full and guests would wait in order to be served by him.  He didn't have much, he was just a regular man with a family at home to care for but the one quality that he did have was the one that made him who he was and successful at what he did.  He was a light.  Even in a vacation world that many people saw as pure paradise, they were still drawn to him each and every day because of his personality and smile.   Unlike resorts in Mexico, our every day lives can sometimes feel dark and it is during these times that you and me need to be bright.  People are automatically drawn to light in a dark room.  It's the one thing you can see and the one thing that holds your attention.

If you are still breathing, it means you are still here.  If you are still here it means that you haven't fulfilled your purpose in this world yet.  Maybe you have discovered what your call is, but you haven't pursued it yet.  Maybe you have pursued it, but the next chapter of your life hasn't occurred.  If you are still here, it means that the best days of your life are still yet to come.  Discovering what your call in life is can be one of the most stressful and defeating things you'll ever do.  You might change your mind.  You might get injured.  You might have a list that's 20 items long and you just can't decide.  While all of this is occurring it is good to remember that we all can share one same purpose, and that is to be a light.  Make every person you meet be drawn to your smile and your personal gifts.  Pass on positivity, confidence, and pay it forward.  If we can all learn how to be like the young man working as a server in our very own life, every single person we meet will want to sit in our section and further, they will want to be like us and do the same.  When I heard this story about him, I made it a goal to be a light in someone's life each and every day.

Some other fun stuff:

I recently started taking a Turbokick class at the gym and if you have never tried it, YOU SHOULD.  Such a fun way to work out and burn tons of calories and it completely knocked me out of my "running is the only thing that works" rut.  It opened the group exercise door for me and I am starting to lean on classes and the support of others rather than the treadmill.

I'm working on a new page for my blog.  It's about our wedding and includes everything from pictures to our engagement to step by step invitation making.  It's a work in progress.

Weekend Pictures:

I hope your Monday is marvelous and no matter where you are or what you're doing, smile big and light someone's day!

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