Saturday, November 16, 2013

a workout.

Happy Saturday from this little gal!

Before I head out for work this morning, I thought I would share a workout I did during the middle of the week.  I have literally done yoga and walked almost everyday and I'm loving it.  It felt good to get my heart rate up, however, and the workout flew by because I hadn't done the same thing on the days prior.  

I hope you are ready to sweat!

10 min treadmill warmup (walk to jog)
3 x 20 reps dumbell rows in squat position
3 x 20 reps squats
3 x 20 reps tricep dips on bench

8 min treadmill run (40 second sprint, 20 second stand on edge to recover)
3 x 18 reps bicep curls in lunge position (per leg)
3 x 18 reps lateral raise in lunge position (per leg)
8 min treadmill run (race pace)
with a barbell on your shoulders (i used 18 lbs), complete
40 walking lunges
20 wide set squats
20 narrow squats
10 calf raises
10 deep squat pulses

8 min treadmill cool down (walk)

And that my friends, is how you kick your morning in the butt!

We are catching up with some friends this afternoon at a trail about 15 minutes from our house and I can't wait to see them!  This girl is the absolute best!  We were inseparable in college and I mean this literally.  If I was somewhere without her, everyone would question where she was and vice versa.  I guess it helps when your roommate is pretty much your other half.  Meet Katie Sue, she's a beautiful heart.

 Have a great start to your weekend!  Drink some coffee, sing some songs, and love yourself a whole bunch!!

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