Thursday, November 28, 2013

being thankful.

today i am thankful for love and for good people.  for enthusiasm and for never trying to stop improving.  i'm thankful for my mother and her endless energy in life.  for music, both the upbeat and the quiet strings in the surroundings of my house. i'm thankful for my father and his ability to always say something nice, something positive, something that every daughter needs to hear.  i'm thankful for lists and all of the items on them whether they are checked off or not.  for nature, the four seasons that take me with them each time they change.  i'm thankful for sleeping next to somebody that i love and for the way he makes me laugh so hard i don't even make a noise.  i'm thankful for daydreaming and for photos of beautiful people and for mugs of coffee on chilly autumn mornings.  for all of the days that my dog spends following me into every room of my house and for the way that i talk to her as if she is my best friend.  and lastly, i'm thankful for Him, the man above me that listens and who teaches me how to listen in return.  for his never ending love, joy, and wisdom that makes my heart feel more complete than it did the day before.  for the times he tells me it's okay and also for the times he tells me to change.  and i'm thankful that he allows me to see myself happy, content, and at peace, in nothing but my sweatpants and sports bra, complimenting a freshly washed face and tied back hair, just being me.  a sharing smile and honest heart to those i've ever crossed in path.

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