Monday, November 25, 2013

according to my iphone.

it's freezing outside so i am cuddled up on the couch drinking tea and am completely distracted by all of the other beautiful blogs i follow.  therefore, i don't have much to say tonight, but here is a little bit of what's been going on around here according to my iphone.

i'm on a smoothie kick.  i know it's odd since it's so cold outside but i sip them out of a hand-me-down mug while i sit next to a fireplace with 3 layers of clothing on and it definitely makes up for it!  i love to drink my veggies.   

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk. 
1/4 cup h2o.  
A LOT of kale.  
1/4 cup frozen blueberries.  
1 scoop organic whey protein powder (vanilla). 
small handful of raw cashews.  

gone in two minutes and am so satisfied. gah!  nick thinks i'm crazy so i hand him the bag of cashews and a gatorade and he's happy.

this little piece of joy pretty much consumes my life from 6 AM until 2 PM lately.  hellooo my name is beretta and i'm still not potty trained and i chew on the chair and i hate being alone and i love getting stuck in the bushes...

friday night we headed to a concert about two hours from our house.  it was nice to get away for the evening and see one of our favorite artists play.  the drive was beautiful and i love seeing colors during a month that is typically a bit dreary.  

 sunday was a trip to whole foods...

an afternoon with my favorite guy...

and an evening of good reads and some yoga...

i don't typically post pictures of myself doing yoga because lets face it, i am not all that great at it yet.  this pose, however, (bakasana, or crow pose) is one that is very special to me so just bare with the awkward face that i'm actually pretty proud of since it's usually a lot worse...

 the first time i ever tried this was in a hot yoga class at a studio filled with very VERY advanced yogis.  it didn't look too difficult so i gave it a try and hardly even gave the consequences a thought.  i face planted into the floor and hit my nose, my forehead, and kinked my neck all at the same time.  i was forever terrified of it, and yoga for that matter.

as i continued my yoga practice, i always skipped that pose when it was offered during class and went directly into child's pose to avoid any further injury and humiliation.  i would stare between at the ground between my knees praying that nobody would judge me for not participating.  i don't know why but for me, this is the most terrifying thing ever.  my arms shake and i feel so scared whenever it was talked about or put into the class.  

on my living room floor, with nick my side, i decided to work on it a little bit each day.  i mastered it about a week ago and it.felt.amazing.  i didn't run a marathon, i didn't win any awards, and i learned it in the middle of a messy house and puppy chaos.

as you begin your week, this is just a sweet little reminder that yoga is practice.  life is practice.  we all begin somewhere and often times it is at the exact place you currently are no matter what the circumstances are.  be patient with your bodies and your hearts and when you feel that tiny piece of courage work its way up to your always giving hands, count to three and just let yourself go.

happy happy monday!

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  1. what a fun weekend! I did a yoga class too :)

    I just found your blog and am following along now :)


    1. hi! i just took a peek at your blog as well! i love that you're a MN girl :) i'll be heading over there often!

  2. wow,that yoga pose is intensely neat!!

    cute blog!

    what a nice weekend,i want your puppy :)

    1. thanks for stopping by, i checked your blog out as well. one of my best friends is from Chicago and i absolutely love it there!!!