Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I Love My Yoga Mat.

Nobody can get you there but you.  That's what I love about this discipline.  It's about faith.  It's about liberation.  It's freeing your mind in order for your physical being to follow.  We live in fear.  We will never be fully capable of our fullest potential unless we've broken the barriers that consistently weigh us down.  I stand here, barefoot and breathing and think about nothing but that; naked toes and the air around me.  My inhales silence my exhales and even though I feel slightly off balance today I remind myself that not every day is perfect.  I start to have doubts about healing and I immediately stop myself.  Our fear becomes outward emotions when our mind's start to wander away from what we actually know.  I have to remember that the mind itself can often times be our biggest barrier of all.  He calls us to live our brightest and biggest of lives and he calls us to shine when we decide to lay each of our doubts in his hands.  If we "commit our way to the Lord, role and repose each care of our loads on Him, and trust and show confidence in Him, He will bring it to pass."  Move from a place of fear to a place of love.  I ache, and my neck starts to feel tight so I move to the top of my mat and release the tension inside of my head.  I'm new to the practice, however, he's brought me there once.  I've been to the place where seconds are lengthened and I feel lighter, stronger, and deeply happy.  He creates our world and we need to believe that it's made of star stuff.  Powerful moments where we can feel that we are living the life he has planned.  Walk away from fear and all of its negativity.  I'm not an expert about all of this.  I do know, however, what it's like to fear things that are both big and small.  Often times it's just one small moment that can help us move away from the fear that lives in each of us, and helps us turn our hearts toward something great.  I take one final breath, thank my body for moving a little differently than it did yesterday, and kneel to kiss the earth.  Letting go of my fears and all of it's forms is why I love my yoga mat.

Be Blessed.


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