Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keep Hope.

I sat there today and I was surrounded by people with strong faith.  So strong that I could actually feel a powerful movement come over the softly lit room.  That's how I usually feel when I'm there.  My body becomes so filled with emotions that often times I just close my eyes as my body trembles and my eyes tear.  We were reminded of patience today.  Everything in our lives requires patience.  Actually, it requires patience and faith together.  Recovering does not in any form mean immediate relief.  It means gradual improvement until our bodies receive the actual manifestation.  Patience might be one of the most difficult qualities for a person to develop and maintain.  It comes with maturing, it comes in time, and it comes in our faith.  This faith I so often speak of, it comes by hearing and hearing and hearing.  More importantly, however, it comes through the spoken word.  It shouldn't be something we look for only in times of distress, it should be a lifestyle.  I listen to the man before me and I watch him lift every person's eyes to the sky, including my own.  I was reminded today that there is hope.  How can the words I write be so differently than what I sometimes speak?  God never intended the word to be read silently.  We can be blessed.  We can meditate the word, but meditate actually means to speak, to advocate, to shout, and to boast.  I was reminded today that if I read his words aloud, I shall have great success.  We should learn to operate in patience in order to receive his blessing in all forms.  Remember that patience is hope, it's cheerful, it's endurance, and it's constant.  As hard as it is for me to remain patient, I'm learning that each day is a choice.  We can either choose to ignore the great and let fear take over our minds, or we can accept patience and trust that everything will heal in time, even if "in time" sometimes feel so far out of reach.  It will be the perfect time though and I promise you will realize this when that time comes.  And until then, we need to continue to walk with him each day never to be undisciplined with our words.  Patience is discipline.  It's maturity.  It's when our hearts are lifted high and oh how sweet it is.

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