Tuesday, April 23, 2013

make today great.

 If we intend to be ourselves and focus on enjoying our lives everyday, we will eventually come to a point where being thankful for all great things becomes our only option.  When you see good, feel good, and understand that He wants you to experience good, all of the bad begins to fade.  Realize that it still might exist because lets face it, living a beautiful life does not mean we never make mistakes.  Learning from those mistakes is his way of speaking to you.  It's stepping out and doing things that he has put on our hearts and learning by wisdom and experience on how to keep reaching a little further when the next time comes around.  Be bold, He says.  "The wicked flee when no man pursues them, but the righteous are bold as a lion."  I encourage you to step out in your faith today and be all that He has called you to be.  Do not hide behind your fears and insecurities any longer.  If you have already had some major set backs in your life and have been living in fear because of them, this is the time to forgive yourself and press on.  Free yourself from everything evil and be all that He has planned for you.  Not just half of it, not even three quarters of it, be all that he has designed you to be.  Remember:  free people are happy people.  Just for today, let yourself and your mind wander somewhere new and I'm going to ask you to do it boldly because with even just a few brave souls in this world, and I mean brave in any form that applies to your life, you will make it an even better place to be.

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