Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Places.

I walked through the door and knew.  In a matter of seconds I knew this was the place that I wanted to work, grow, and build relationships.  My heart told me I was going to discover a whole new world so my body kept going.  The people I met there confirmed that feeling and more.  It is here that I was blessed and I can say with my strongest voice that one act of kindness can truly change a person's life.  I would like to welcome you all to a type of work environment that recently changed my entire outlook on life.  Overtime, our bodies and our minds often separate from one another.  It may even feel like you consistently ask yourself, "am I doing the right thing," or "what exactly is my purpose in life?"  I've been there and maybe you have too.  It's called change, it's called fear, and it's called life.  It is probably no surprise to you that no matter what you are struggling with in this very moment, the world around you continues to go on.  One month ago, I decided to look at my life from another point of view, God's view.  I looked as deep inside myself that my mind would allow and was able to see both the good and bad.  I believe that was the moment that faith entered my life.  He works in incredible ways and what's even more amazing is that He does it differently for every individual.
 I experienced something so scary and so defeating in order for my mind to reconnect itself with not only my body, but to Him as well.  I became one of the darkest people I knew yet when I look back on it now, He did it for good reason.  I walked into the office that day, smiling and trying to be the best version of me that I knew how.  I realized very quickly that God has put them in my life for a purpose and He has put me in theirs for a reason as well.  Faith has taught me many many things and I trust that it will only continue to bless me more and ultimately allow me to live a great and fulfilling life.  It has helped me communicate with others, including you.  It has helped me worry less and smile more.  Faith has filled my empty hands with so much strength and the minute I start to lose any of it, it brings me back to comfort and peace.  Faith has taught me to love someone more than I ever thought possible.  It's kept my family close and I realize now that I wouldn't live any other way.  His words speak to me and it is my hope that they can speak to you as well.  Embrace change and do something you never thought you could because I will tell you now, it has changed my entire mindset.  The moment I made a connection from my mind to my spirit and then to the world was the very moment I knew I had been saved.  These people and this new environment is everything to me and I owe it all to Him.  He opened a door for me and in time it will happen for everyone.  He wants you to ask him.  Scream and shout and cry and then whisper that you want him in your life and in the end, he'll do what he does best.  He opens doors, wide open spaces, to a world that you'll never ever be able to walk away from.

Keep moving,


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