Friday, May 24, 2013

have no doubt.

Sometimes life is hard.  Harder than what you ever imagined it would be.  Just when you start to feel like everything is falling into place your heart begins to weigh heavy and you're questioning if the turn you've made is the right one.  We can wish for answers and we can hold our values close, but I recently learned that even if we are 99 percent sure of something that is occurring in our lives but one percent of doubt still remains, our mind's will automatically respond to that small small amount.  We are faced with decisions every single day so it is natural for doubt to occur and test our selves and our families.  I'm learning, however, that God places these struggles within us so that he can encourage us to dig a little deeper than the last time and ultimately prepare us for the next.  I was recently faced with that small amount of doubt and instead of trying to run from it this time, I verbally told myself that I'm a happy happy spirit.  I am here for good reason and I am faced with this because He wants more from me.   Pushing through the bad days builds strength.  Praying at the times when it seems hardest to pray will bring you to peace.  And reminding yourself that there is good in every single bad will build character.  It may seem like life takes away many many things that are dear to your heart but I promise you this.  He will never take away your ability to smile.  He will never take away the love that surrounds you.  And for me, the girl who is searching for so many answers, He has never taken away these blank sheets of paper where my dreams are created and an empty space becomes a place of purpose and a place where nothing at all is impossible.

Our minds are powerful, creative, strong, and courageous things that in time will connect our heart's to the right place and to the right people in this world.  Places where light surrounds you on the darkest of days, where a brother encourages you to be anything you dream, and where unexpected thoughts consume your day and suddenly you are motivating yourself from the inside out.  The wind was heavy and green surrounded me.  A day of confusion and fear became beautiful because I know that my heart is good and I'm filled with the happiest of words that will do great things.  Never try to conform to someone elses idea of beauty.  Never once put someone elses desires before your own.  And never doubt the person next to you because it is him that reminds you that you're exactly where you need to be.

I pray for the best version of yourself to shine today.  I pray that your smile and your words touch others, and I pray that you continue to be lifted because even when we feel like there is nowhere to go, He has blessed us all with the ability to look up and to look within, and this is where all of the answers lie.

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